It is reported that the 1528 has seized counterfeit

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Star flavor Fanfan are out and out to the streets on the territory of simple black and white and gray has always been European and American actress who first choice, but wild basic color occasionally requires some bright accessories to light up the overall shape. If you do not like to present himself as a colorful tree but want to retain a certain gas field, it might take a look at Beyonce (Beyonce), Gwen Gwyneth. Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), actress of the recent street shooting: a pair of beautiful Cinderella or a bright handbag can make you win a lot of extra points.

French luxury association Comite Colbert, today announced a new boycott fake advertising popular advertising slogan, designed to our attention. This ad by Cartier, Chanel, christian Dior, Lacoste, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton bags, Van Cleef Arpels and other brands involved in the shooting, log out on June 18 the area of the airport in France.

Comite Colbert, CEO Elisabeth Ponsolle said the recent fake sales are increasingly popular louis vuitton copy bags uk , a lot to buy fake Europeans, and to change this phenomenon 1:1 replica handbags is necessary to fundamentally improve the understanding of the genuine, the fight against fake goods market.

CNAC estimated the fake France an annual loss of $ 7.5 billion. News reported hearing a lot of fake entry fined story, this is the real tragic aaa replica designer handbags tragedy of fines. Los Angeles International Airport entry casually a joke, the Chinese women brand name LV bag was fined 10,000 yuan.

Who lives Luolan Gang Miss Fang months ago back to Taiwan, China to visit relatives large bags rewarding outing, returned to the United States. package is really beautiful, at Los Angeles International Airport, the female officials of the Customs a smile and are receiving the luggage through customs inspection Miss Fang conversation, Female officials appeared to be quite friendly. Expensive, not really, Miss Fang casually replied, thinking that everyone thinks that the Chinese love was rich, and now back brand name, do not feel uncomfortable. The female officer not it? Paused, casually draw on Miss Fang entry of goods checklist, smiled and both sides say goodbye.

Two weeks later, Miss Fang suddenly received a notice from a Los Angeles court, said that her two weeks ago to carry fake designer handbags into the Los Angeles airport customs fine of $ 10,000, if not satisfied with, can be on court instructions. Miss Fang suddenly blindsided.

bag is true! Miss Fang explain to the judge holding a bird in Taiwan back to the LV bag, LV bag LV store in the Taipei 101 fake designer bags shopping mall to buy no replica louis vuitton bags means a counterfeit parallel. why do you say to yourself is false? Said the judge, Miss Fang can produce a receipt, otherwise the court will continue its own said seriously.

Thousands of miles trip, receipts have disappeared. Miss Fang family and friends to discuss, no his method, the end can only buy a ticket to fly back to Taiwan, to obtain a copy of the receipt to the store to buy purses, covered with blue stamp. The request of the judge returned to Los Angeles to the authenticity of the identification of the Taiwan high quality designer replica handbags receipt Beverly LV regional headquarters, two evidence of the seal, and finally goes to court.

Inspection and Miss Fang replica louis vuitton brought back replica louis vuitton bags from china all the evidence, the judge, and ultimately to give clearance and cancel the fine of 10,000 yuan. a joke, to pay ticket travel fee of 3000 yuan, equivalent to vain lost cheap louis vuitton bags from china LV handbags said Miss Fang, a few weeks, mentally exhausted, miserable.

talk to the Customs officers to tell lies, Los Angeles International Airport Customs prosecutors declined to be named, said the summer immediately after Memorial Day, the travelers between the United States daily influx, but also the peak period of the customs inspection.

The officials said the Los Angeles Customs have taken note of recent years, tourists from Asia, the most common violations carry goods in addition to food, meat, fruit and a variety of rare animals tonic, the largest is the counterfeit brand name goods and pirated DVD single piece of fine can be up to $ 10,000.

Not long ago, Chinese Mr. from mainland China, at Los Angeles International Airport, Customs officers seized 15 pirated DVD. Mr. Zhang said Customs officers had confiscated the DVD, but he never imagined Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags that, two weeks later , he received a fine of $ 150,000 from the Court of single.

After a few months, Mr. Zhang a full run several times, the court, to produce a variety of witnesses and evidence to a judge to prove his pirated purely unintentional. Judge sentence, reduced to 50,000 yuan fine.

According to the Los Angeles Customs officers said that all Customs officers have received specialized training, can be perspective of the traveler package from the tourists eyes, actions, conversations, whether Park, claiming to be the entry free from obstruction, Mrs. Wang said she recently returned from Taiwan through customs at the airport in Los Angeles, had just attended the wedding of friends, happy, and customs officers have more than a few words cheap louis vuitton bags from china , I did not expect case were invited to two inspection lines, over the X ray, open packet inspection, a good toss about.

According to the suspects confessed and detection of grasp, led by by Chen of years ago he ran a shoe factory. Initiation of the idea of false profit early this year, he met Yoo Western Guangzhou Baiyun District operating counterfeit leather, raw materials provided by Yoo West, Chen up to bring honor to the community in his hometown of Huidong County rented an abandoned kindergarten plant, the purchase of counterfeit machine, the production of counterfeit handbags. The product is made to each handbag priced at 90 yuan by the logistics channels to Shenzhen by a Shenzhen resellers around. It is reported that the 1528 has seized counterfeit handbags, genuine market value, a preliminary estimate of 10 million yuan.

A few days ago, Prada introduced in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival A micro film, while another luxury brand Louis Vuitton to be outdone, followed by Cannes exposure big micro film Zahm as directed by LV MJ: Olivier Zahm Diary Therapy, pure film feel different, Olivier Zahm works more like a documentary + film, Olivier Zahm is founder and editor of the magazine Purple so the film has many of the picture is his 2012 fall and winter Paris fashion Week, Women in the LV show shooting video diary. While the other part of the screen, to the works of the French Wave era of the famous film director Jean Luc Godard to pay tribute to a beautiful girl very Brigitte Bardot style played actress Alice Aufrey, love story naturally and ultimately. Olivier Zahm I also personally photographed, micro film wearing a pilot sunglasses, a beard, boy is his oh.

In April of this year, world renowned luxury brand LV (Louis Vuitton) prices, a price adjustment region is the United States, a French Pro price adjustment is only three months. Although big name luxury goods are always prices two times a year control extravagance seem to have become accustomed. But if the price changes of data to look at, I believe we really have to say: black you do not believe Oh luxury editors of the control network for specially selected classic, and these style price changes from 2010 to the present, some models rose as high as 27%, really wide north of the price increase also fierce ah dear extravagance control who, if the housing market continues to slump, that we all to buy luxury goods, and must preserve and increase Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags the Oh!

Classic Speedy Series or fairly rise 15% in 2 years

Neverfull series a little or more than 20% across the board

Tivoli star favorite series, or the top

The Galliera Large 2 year increase of over 27% longer than house prices also was quick The exhibition is expected to open in July 10, LV opened and kusama cooperation new series of mystery. New product recently also exposure of the modelling, including signs of polk dot design, bright coloured color skirt outfit are skillful pumpkin took the crystallization of the work day.

In order to the grass and the cooperation between the, LV also next month released a new iPhone App, and fashionable personage can use the application shoot and custom kusama type pattern of the series product, no power consumption luxury, download a software feel the fun of wave points are also aaa replica designer handbags good.

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